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Saturday, March 20, 2021

Embrace Remote Working

 I had written about tips for remote working before, but with the onset of COVID19 and the changing work environment, it seemed appropriate to write another. 

As CEO at Incognito Worldwide, a subsidiary of Inicia Incorporated, I’ve been working remotely since 2000. So when COVID19 hit the USA and companies were scrambling, we’d been prepared for years. Here are some tips.

There is no doubt that working remotely vs. in-office working both have their benefits and drawbacks. For twenty years I had to work from a central location during my time in the logistics business. Coordinating freight transportation around the country on behalf of clients we needed centralized information and spur-of-the-moment adjustments. And, we were managing 250,000 SF of warehousing at the same time. So we had to be there. Our team benefitted from being in the same place and able to communicate at a moment’s notice. At the same time, being indoors with fluorescent lighting drained me.

Argentina LIDE event

Bruce | Mario | Juan

When I began to build software and marketing teams and offer services to clients, we had to re-think our approach. My business partner Mario and I had established our technology team in Buenos Aires Argentina. But then while in India for a project, I also developed a website development and marketing team in Bangalore. And even in Bangalore, the core team spent most of our time working out of a cafe, even though we had leased a 5,000 SF office.

Because we worked remotely, you might envision that we were always in jeans and tee shirts. And while we were quite often, it doesn’t mean we never put on a jacket and attended business functions. We did.

It took years of trial and error to create a purely online company that could accommodate clients around the world while operating from multiple locations.  We knew early on that communication and management technology would be a core foundation we needed to develop.

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