Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Digital Now Event

I attended Digital Now hosted by Position 2 at the Taj West End. beautiful venue, nice event.

The event agenda was a series of presentations to marketing professionals, key note speeches, marketing strategies with infographics and videos, followed by panel discussion, dinner and cocktails. We found it informative and integrated some of the strategies learned into our own digital marketing processes.
It served as an opportunity to relax and unwind while networking and talking with others in our profession.
While there were many topics discussed, the key points identified were that:
India is a mobile-first country, currently second in the world and expected to take the first position by 2015. As such marketers have to begin developing new strategies now; Mobile will change the way we approach brand awareness; and, digital media has completely transformed how consumers perceive, interact and connect with brands.
While many of the concepts discussed were not new, one point that was well driven home was that in todays digital world, marketers in one regard need to go back to the basics and connect with consumers at the core level. While technology changes and advances, human emotion and motivation has stayed pretty consistent; people have to care about the messages you’re promoting beyond flashy techno tricks.
The host laid out a very nice dinner buffet with an open bar, and all in all made it a very nice evening. For more on the Taj West End, click here.

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