Tuesday, September 6, 2016

When The Workload Is Overwhelming

There are those days that I wake up raring to go. For twenty years I was awake by 4 am every morning and, in my office by 7 am. These days I wake closer to 11 am, but then work until 9 pm, most days. I've been asked "Don't you get tired?" Of course I do, but more often overwhelmed.

There are some mornings that no matter how long I stand under that shower, or how many cups of coffee I drink, my brain just doesn't want to cooperate with the agenda I have set for myself.

What I tend to do on these days is one of two things. The first is to take a half a day off; read a book, take a motorcycle ride, take a nap, or relax on the balcony.  

But more times than not, I simply scale back the workload and use the time to reorganize; review my task lists, calendars, project overviews, and realign things and set new reminder notifications. 

I may take a break and free-write (like this) which tends to rejuvenate me. Other activities during a brain over-load day can also include discussions with team members. Knowing the broad scope of a project, it doesn't take a lot of brain power to ask for updates. 

Craveller is coming!
With the October release of the Craveller platform closing in, I've felt a bit pressed this week. Perhaps that has contributed to an overload moment.

Project management has to be precise, especially with a hard launch date. All the projects silos, tasks and sub-tasks for them all have to be planned, timed in relation to one another, then worked backwards from the release date, leaving time for contingencies. And yes, it can be daunting. So you need to piece it together one at a time. 

I've got a young and bright team and am quite confident they're all going to meet those timeline goals, but today, its reorganization day --- or, perhaps, time for a nap. 

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