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Thursday, December 17, 2020

The Startup Movement

In his Forbes article The Startup Movement, Victor W. Hwang notes that "The startup movement is not always about startups, actually."
I have long been an advocate of transparency, integrity, and passion. I believe at the core level that honesty and innovation can go hand in hand to propel relationships beyond pure greed and self-serving interests. Because, when we value it in the right way we are connected in an upward spiral to those we work.

When I attended a marketing summit in 2013, one of the speakers asked the crowd the number one trait required for entrepreneurship. After several answers were thrown out, it dawned on me: the answer he sought was "courage".

Courage is moving forward in the face of fear. Entrepreneurs that move past feelings of doubt and fear can find the strength to achieve. 

Fear and self-doubt can be debilitating, and often results in procrastination. As wrote several years ago, to succeed -- or have the chance to succeed --, you have to Get Stuff Done! May entrepreneurs are enthralled with the idea of being an entrepreneur without ever becoming one. While you procrastinate, convincing yourself that you're planning, you can strategize yourself out of business. If you make the decision to take action, the result may not go your way. But at least there is movement and measurable results that you can adjust to.  If you simply think about it, well, that is just mental masturbation. 

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