Friday, May 17, 2013

Ready To Get To It

I'm back in Bangalore India and raring to get too work!  That is one of those statements you'd think you'd never say -- like on your death bed you'd never say "I wish I spent more time at work!". But, I'm not on my death bed, and I am generally excited about the company I am building with a young team of energetic spirits.  

It's never any easy path when building a new company, and even more daunting when you're [as C.E.O.] the only one in the company with any business background.  So while I hover over everyone to make sure that our clients are being serviced, a wise entrepreneur also sets aside time to systemize the operation. 

This includes determining the protocols for your operation, department by department, and task by task. Without
a system in place that drives the direction and response of your employees, then you're just a sole proprietor with  a lot of workers around you, instead of owner/partner of a business.  

To truly be a business, things have to run like a smooth oiled machine in my absence. The recent three months I spent in New York City revealed to me that that is not yet the case for my business.  

The plus side for me however, is that I have established that we have a service clients are eager to utilize, and -- though a little rough going these past months -- a young talented team that quickly learns and adapts to fulfill those clients needs.  

The goal for me now is to Get Stuff Done!

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