Monday, November 2, 2015

Inicia incorporated to be its own case study

One of my companies is an online publisher with several niche online properties. Along with my management partner we're now engaged from converting this from a semi-solopreneurship to a full-fledged company. A solopreneurship is an enterprise that revolves around its founder, where like an entrepreneurship they wear most -- if not all -- the hats.  To become a 'company' requires an operational structure that keeps spinning in the absence of the founder.

Having said that, Vinil and I have run our own entrepreneur-ships for years, and now aim to build a team, protocols and procedures that can keep the engine turning with minor input from us.

As we move forward, we'll be blogging in real time to outline our strategy, implementation, results and adjustments along the way.  Hopefully this will provide us -- and our readers -- with valuable lessons and insights along the way.

Entrepreneurs, stay tuned.  You can follow our progress HERE

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