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Thursday, June 18, 2020

Why you need an SSL certificate on your website

SSL certificate benefits tell visitors it is safe to come inside. Would you post a sign outside your business that said “Unsafe building, enter at your own risk”? Of course not. But security is not the only benefit of an SSL certificate.


  1. Avoids a WARNING message from Google that your site is NOT SAFE. 
  2. Represents to your visitors that you care about their security, increasing trust
  3. Supports and boosts the better ranking of your website in search
  4. Protects site visitors from security attacks, such as phishing or MIMT
  5. Compliance of the Payments Card Industry (PCI)
When you install an SSL certificate, it converts your to HTTPS is short for ‘Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure'. It is the protocol for internet communications that protect data integrity and confidentiality between the website and the visiting viewer.
How SSL works

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